About The Arena

About The Arena

At ‘The Arena’ we are all about leadership, in particular Personal Leadership.

We specialise in supporting clients to cultivate their self-awareness and develop their emotional resilience so they learn to respond to life rather than react.

Our Personal Leadership concept, ‘The Arena’, empowers you to stand in the centre of your life, consciously leading and embracing every facet whilst being connected to your very essence. It is through this dynamic that you cultivate your personal leadership; consciously and instinctively leading yourself from the inside out.

Personal Leadership, by nature underpins all leadership types in business, in the community, with your family and friends.

Our clientele includes people from all walks of life and career paths; all of whom share common threads of developing and enriching their leadership, wanting to lead their life, cultivate and develop their emotional resilience, a desire to respond rather than react to daily life events and life itself, cultivate their ‘I Am Enough’ and individuals whom are wanting to be braver with their life.

We work with you wherever you are at in your life, including life transitions and changes. From here we keep you moving forward whilst supporting, encouraing  and empowering you to lead your life!

At ‘The Arena’ we embrace a variety of methodologies and concepts, including ‘The Daring Way™’ by Dr. Brené Brown. Jennifer is a certified facilitator of ‘The Daring Way™’ and we are very honored to include this body of work within our practice.

To find out how ‘The Arena’ came to be, read our musings on ‘Our Beginnings‘!

To find out more about how we work or for further information contact us.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is for kindness and generosity of spirit to lead the way to living in a more accepting, loving and peaceful world.

Our Purpose

Within all of us, we have our own uniqueness and greatness just waiting to be discovered. Our Purpose is to see this and reveal it to you!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and empower people to truly own and live their life through developing, enriching and nurturing their personal leadership.
quote To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. quote
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Team

Our Values


We lead with clarity, courage, integrity, creativity, empathy and compassion.


We choose courage over comfort; instilling the honesty, truthfulness and accuracy of our actions.


We are conscious communicators, expressing what needs to be said to bring clarity.


We are always learning, evolving and moving forward so we can give you the best of us.


  • Repost from @kellyjcovert using @RepostRegramApp - Are you hiding behind a wall of your past stories and emotions that you've bottled up? .
The easiest way to know those walls down is one brick at a time.
Do the work to build your emotional resilience so you can step into the lightness of being fully and authentically you.
Listen to today's episode with Jenn Anderson of @thearenacoaching for a wonderful chat about this and more. .
Love link in my profile.
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  • Everyday create or welcome in a special moment - it could be as small as giving yourself 5mins to enjoy a delicious cup of tea or as large as achieving a dream. Be present with the moment, savour it, appreciate it, celebrate it, be grateful for it! Without these moments, life soon fades to dull. Life is so very short - go create your moment! 
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  • Such a great night with the ladies @intimo! I spoke about how important it is to cultivate self compassion when building your business! #loveintimo thank you ladies for the invitation to share my passion of personal leadership and emotional resilience! I loved every minute of the evening!
  • Never underestimate the inspiration and the value that you bring to others by simply being you! 
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  • Take the journey to find yourself! It's the trip of a lifetime! 
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  • Always be You! 
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