A Note on Grief

Grief is known to us as mourning the loss of someone. Yet there is more to grief and we all have experienced it in many differing ways.  Grief really is about a change to our everyday normal.

Grief comes in many forms and is deeply personal.

When we experience grief we feel many emotions. There is no right or wrong when it comes the emotions that we experience through loss and grief. Whatever emotions are coming up for you are yours and they are true for you.

Personally I have experienced many types of grief from profound loss that has broken my heart in two, right through to experiencing grief with feeling immense freedom, joy and exhilaration.

It is also important to note that grief is a journey and a not a one stop emotional shop. It has no timeframe and requires no expectations. Grief only requires you to nurture yourself throughout its journey. Show to yourself self-compassion, kindness and throughout it’s time with you be gentle and be sure to talk to yourself like you would talk to some you love when they were hurt and suffering. This is the biggest gift you can give yourself throughout grief.

Grief is not easy and at times it can engulf us. If you are struggling with your emotions and grief, reach out! There is no shame in asking for support and you are never alone!

If you reside in Australia, please call the below numbers for 24 hour support. If outside of Australia, please contact your local crisis centre.

Life Line – 13 11 14

Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636

Written by Jennifer Anderson