Brave Playlist

We often turn to music to cultivate fun, joy and memories.  Music really does enrich our life on so many facets and it also allows for us to be creative. With so much music out there that stirs our souls and brings back memories, I wonder if you thought about having a ‘Brave’ song?

These would be songs that will inspire you to stay brave when the gremlins (those not so nice voices in your head) start getting to you or when you start to doubt your ability to stay vulnerable through the tough parts.

You might choose just one song or you may choose to put together a playlist.

Here are some of our favourite Brave Songs:

It’s My Life Bon Jovi
Brave Sara Bareilles
The Best Tina Turner
Can’t Stop That Feeling Justin Timberlake
Eye of the Tiger Survivor
Strenght, Courage, Wisdom India.Arie
Up & Up Coldplay
Got to Be Real Cheryl Lynn
The Story Brandi Carlile


So what’s your Brave Song or what’s on your Brave Playlist? We love music and what it brings to our life and we would love to hear what your Brave songs are, so please email them through to us at info@thearenacoaching.com

Written by Jennifer Anderson