Maybe someone among you might get something out of what I’ve been able to learn as a recovering perfectionist on my journey toward excellence.

The piece below was written one morning on the train. There’s no story, just the wisdom that works for me in my life…

“What is perfect anyway? Everyone has their own perceptions of what it is for them, you can’t win, so why bother. Really, why bother wasting energy on an impossible pursuit?

Just do what you do to the best of your ability and bring your own unique talents to bare. It will often lead to a far better results than anyone around you had imagined – especially you. But know this… sometimes it won’t work and you will need to try a different tactic to achieve your goal. Adapt and change – change and adapt.

This is leadership. This is personal leadership.

Besides, why would you want to limit yourself to the limited imaginations and opinions of others – we are all better than that. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be better than that.

In essence…

Perfection fears possibility and the unknown and shrinks fearfully from it.

Leadership however embraces possibility and the unknown and moves eagerly toward it.

To repurpose Leunig’s prayer ‘love one another’ in recognition of the challenge of giving up perfection…

‘It is as simple and as difficult as that.’

Written by our guest, Scott Anderson.