Cultivating Trust – August

Brave Living Series ~ Cultivating Trust

“Trust is a product of vulnerability that grows over time and requires work, attention, and full engagement!” – Brené Brown

Being caught up in the busy-ness of life today we take trust for granted and often forget to attach the significance and sacredness of trust in our relationships – be it in our personal lives or our professional lives. Instead in the busy-ness of today life, we default to blind trust or blanket trust with people we just meet and even in the purchasing products or services; which leads us to not so great outcomes which leave us disappointed, betrayed and angry to name a few.

Trust is an essential life skill and forms the foundation of personal leadership and leadership. Yet many of us have never been taught how to trust so we don’t we have trusting skills to lean on and engage with.

Yet we engage in trust on a daily basis as it is the heartbeat and glue of all relationships, team work and connections. Integrity, loyalty and respect are actually built on the foundations of Trust.

When we have trusting relationships and trusting teams we as individuals naturally develop more resilience, we are less lonely, we are able to be more of our authentic self, we are more creative, we produce more in our work, achieve goals, we experience more happiness in our being and enjoy the successes that life brings our way along with enjoying day to day life.

The good news is that trust is a skill that can be learned and developed and nourished and throughout this workshop we will …

  • Get curious about Trust
  • Understand the role Trust plays in daily life both in your personal life and in your work life
  • Understanding what Trusting moments look like
  • Identify specific Trusting behaviours
  • Learn how to cultivate Trust with yourself
  • Learn how to cultivate Trust with others
  • Identify Trusting Relationships
  • Learn how to nurture Trusting Relationships

Just a few of the benefits you will receive …

  • Learn how to be brave with trust
  • Develop and enrich your Self Trust and self-belief
  • Develop Trust in your relationships
  • Develop an essential leadership skill
  • Gain clear and simple steps to cultivate Trust in your life
  • Cultivate a foundational life skill
  • Develop & enrich your emotional resilience
  • Cultivate your ability to lead yourself and others
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Embrace your ‘I am Enough’
  • Cultivate Trusting relationships in your life

Join us in cultivating your trust so you too can live a brave life!

Dates: 5th August 2017 – Saturday
Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Location: Aslan House
Address: 28 Latrobe Terrace
Paddington, Brisbane
Price: $85

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“Thank you Jennifer for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and insight with us. Such valuable material covered that inspired me to dig a bit deeper and work out that vulnerability can be a good thing.” – Laureena


“Jenn is just amazing – she has the right balance of encouraging and nurturing her clients. Jenn takes the time to understand where her clients are coming from, and to work with them where they are at. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Trish


“Jennifer is a masterful facilitator with genuine empathy and expert knowledge.” – Jenny


“I had the chance to be coached by Jenn and the impact in my life has been beautiful. Her ability to listen, hold the space and ask key questions is magic. Her experience in life and business was very useful for me and I felt she truly understood me. So, if you are ready to create the life you want, Jennifer is the coach to have on your side!” – Marie


“Jenn provides a safe container to allow you to go where you need to go. The pace is good with plenty of opportunities to develop your understanding through group, buddy and personal reflections.” – John


Jenn speaks with passion and true empathy for others. Her ability to engage with the masses is a gift. My manta is ‘embrace change and make a difference’. Jenn you gave me the belief to keep pushing on with this approach – thank you! – Peta

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