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Since having the honor of facilitating the Brené Brown workshops I have heard from many of you whom have undertake these workshops, that you would like to receive help and support with integrating the work into your bones.

The stories that I am hearing from many of you is that you have come along to one of the workshops and left feeling empowered for change, and then a week or so later life has somehow reverted back to the status quo with the workbooks, manuals and all those wonderful learnings you gained have soon become shelf development!

Whilst many of you prefer the private and confidential 1:1 session with me directly, there have also been many that would like to receive this help and support in a group environment in conjunction with my facilitation, coaching and mentoring, so you can also learn and be inspired by how others are implementing The Daring Way™ into their daily lives.

I have been busy working away at how we can best provide this to you as many of you are based internationally and also interstate. With this in mind I am introducing the ‘Brave Living Group Coaching and Mentoring Online Sessions’

The group coaching and mentoring calls have been specifically designed to interrupt the shelf development pattern and help you to integrate the learnings, embrace the path of wholehearted living and to help you overcome the obstacles and hurdles you may face. Plus, we will also be celebrating your success along the way.

Group size will be limited to 6 participants so that everyone receives personal attention.

Group Coaching and Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity and a powerful way for people to come together to receive coaching and mentoring while learning and benefiting from the successes and challenges of the other group participants. It is also a way to receive double the coaching at half the cost!

The group coaching and mentoring environment allows individuals to share their own experiences and perspectives, which can serve as learning opportunities for the rest of the group.

Hosted in a virtual and confidential environment that is supportive and nonjudgmental, each client will be seen, heard and valued which provides for a sense of belonging, a sense of connectedness and community.

Group coaching and mentoring offers a collaborative group learning environment where you learn from the facilitated learnings, the insights of peers, and also from your own reflections.

For the clients who are more introverted, the peer learning process provided in this virtual online group and mentoring may feel “less on the spot” and provide you with more time for reflection and the articulation of your insights.

Clients reach an understanding that they are not alone in the way they think and feel about integrating the work, no matter what their circumstances.

Individual Progress

Just like anything in life, you are responsible for your progress. Group Coaching and Mentoring is merely the vehicle to learning and reflecting. All individuals are responsible for their integration, choices and decisions.

The Coach’s Role

The coach’s role in this group coaching and mentoring program is to partner with group members in a thought-provoking and creative process focused on inquiry and exploration. This process is designed to support everyone as they make changes, develop goals, make connections and insights, and take action toward where they want to be.

Is Group Coaching and Mentoring Right for You?

Honestly, the decision to participate in a group coaching and mentoring is a very personal one. Group Coaching and Mentoring may feel like a perfect fit for some people, while individual coaching might be a better fit for others.

Clients will find strength in numbers as a group holds the wisdom, life experience, skills and perspective that an individual might not have, creating a richer experience.

Sharing within the group facilitates a ripple effect and change, provides for immediate feedback and accelerates forward movement.

Throughout our time together we will create an experience, collective wisdom and learnings that will ripple long after the group has completed its work together.

Or, it may depend on a number of other variables such as how much time a person has to devote to coaching, or someone’s financial situation, and even what he or she wants to work on.

Participating in the powerful, shared learning environment provided by the group and also partnering with the coach 1:1 in a more targeted, individualized coaching program is very powerful and will see you grow and integrate wholehearted living into your bones!

If you a graduate of the following workshops facilitated by Jennifer Anderson CDWF, then this amazing opportunity is open to you.

  • The Gifts of Imperfection
  • The Daring Way™
  • Rising Strong™

We will be kicking off this program in the Australian Springtime.

If you are interested in undertaking this opportunity click here to organise your Complimentary Chat.

Please note that all conversations are private and confidential.

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Written by Jennifer Anderson