On Empathy

Empathy is about feeling with people and when we give empathy we really are tapping into our vulnerability, trust to connect deepy with another.

Developing empathy skills takes practice and sometimes we don’t always get it right and that is more than ok – after all no one is perfect and we are never going to get it right all of the time – that why it’s a practice!  We just need to ‘circle back’ to that person and try again!

It is as simple as saying “Hey Jenn, I didn’t quite respond how I wanted to, so I would like to circle back and try again!” or “Hey Sally, that didn’t quite come out how I wanted it to, let me circle back and try again”

Just imagine being on the receiving end of that, how would you feel – pretty valued, seen, heard and respected?

Here is great short video, that explains the difference between empathy and sympathy. Brené is doing the voice over. This video is a personal favourite!

You can also find the video on www.thearenacoaching.com along with more information on The Daring Way™

If you don’t know how to use empathy and you would like to understand it more, the good news is that it is skill that you can learn! You can explore empathy and learning empathy skills via The Daring Way™ workshop or individual coaching sessions. Email us at info@thearenacoaching.com

Written by Jennifer Anderson