I have chosen to write about the importance of ‘Play’ mostly because I have been bringing more play into my life. Embracing Play is a great way to embrace life, wholehearted living and of course forms a part of self-care!

Yes there are those times in life were we can get busy with the busyiness and it hard to drag ourselves away from this and Play, even harder if you engage in workaholic tendencies!  This is where ‘giving ourselves permissions’ becomes a great tool to use! You may write something like – I give myself permission to turn on my favourite music and just move or dance around the house for 5mins, or I give myself permission to go to beach or the park and enjoy hearing and seeing life around me, or I give myself permission to play with my family in the backyard after work today!

So how do like to play and are you an indoor player or an outdoor play or do you mix up with a bit of both?? If your not sure why not create a Play list. A list, whether written or in a visual form or collage of images is a great way to understand and remind yourself of how you like to play! Stick in your journal or put it up on wall so you have a visual reminder and don’t forget to give yourself permission to keep adding to it! You may even chose do this as family exercise or you may even want to plan out play so you have something to look forward to! The choices are really endless!

For me I embrace both and really it depends on how busy I am! But no matter what I love playing, laughing and being a bit silly with family and friends!

One of my favourite play loves is getting outside and being a part of life and touching the world around me! I love to explore the world, try new and different things. If I am really busy it could be as simple as playing some fun music and dancing in my office chair or when cooking. Even lighting my favourite candles and engaging in my senses. When my day is jammed packed with driving around Sam Brisbane for various appointments and meetings you may see me dancing crazily in my car to my favourite tunes that are playing loudly. Every day I make time for some sort of play in my life, it keeps life fun, spicey and keeps you out of the mundane!

I’m really curious, how do you play?

written by Jennifer Anderson