‘The Arena’ will seek to understand your professional issues and support you to develop solutions and ascertain a way forward.

The process includes positioning ourselves alongside you to develop your professional capabilities, through a one-on-one relationship based upon communication, mutual trust and respect. Our mentoring sessions, of course, include a focus on your Personal Leadership and how it impacts your professional life.

Mentor = the teacher.   A role model who is willing to impart his or her wisdom, experience and expertise to guide and develop another person. Mentors use a range of techniques including coaching, tutoring and facilitating. They also provide wise counsel and sage advice.

Mentee = the learner.   Someone who wants to improve professionally, needs support to develop solutions to career challenges or is in need of professional guidance and direction.

Working together we form a partnership and relationship called, Mentorship.

‘The Arena’ mentoring process includes sharing knowledge and information relevant to work, career or professional development. Throughout our mentoring sessions we will also share you with insights, guidance and direction; based on experience and expertise.

Some of many outcomes of mentoring with us include:

  • Increased confidence and capability
  • Leadership skills
  • Improved performance
  • Skill development
  • Self-awareness
  • Professional direction
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Enhanced professional development
  • Improved resilience and ability to cope during times of change.

We have a broad range of knowledge and experience and also have a strong international network of contacts, access to other role models and professional support avenues.

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