‘The Arena’ offers a variety of workshops to enrich your Personal Leadership and support you to lead your life from a place of worthiness and “I am enough”.

The workshops are held in small intimate groups. Experiencing a workshop within a small group setting has many benefits for you;

  • Your personal discovery is enriched through sharing, listening and interacting
  • Provides you with a more effective learning environment through the fostering of connection and community
  • Inspires you and builds your confidence
  • Provides you with an environment of support, safety and trust
  • You are seen, heard and valued
  • You learn you are not alone in what you are experiencing

If attending a workshop in a group setting isn’t for you, the workshops are available in a one on one setting.

‘The Arena’s’ workshops can also be rolled out to teams within the community, business, defence and expatriate worlds. Our workshops in these settings foster team work, employee fulfilment, retention and productivity.

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