The Journey & Power of Reflection

Reflecting on life events no matter how big or small the event is a very powerful tool for your individual path of developing your personal leadership and your emotional resilience! Reflecting helps you to move through situations and events, provides for clarity, learnings and wisdom. It also helps us to see our reaction patterns and helps us gain an understanding on our unique triggers!

So how do you do reflection? Firstly, let’s start with these prompts …

Situation – Describe the situation, was it an event, a situation, goal, a task? Details are important so the more detail the better!

Desired Outcome – what was your intention? what your plan? what were you hoping the result would be?

Action Taken – what steps did you to take?

What Actually Happened? – write down how it all played out, from your perspective!

Learnings – take-aways are very important on the road to personal leadership and developing your personal leadership as they help us to learn and grow. This is where your growth kicks in. Things to ask yourself include; what did you learn about the situation, your actions taken, your behavior, your emotions, your thinking etc.

Achievements – what did you achieve through the situation and this reflection process?

How Can I Do Better Next Time? – don’t be too hard on yourself here. Remember we are all imperfect and we are always learning to do things differently to get a better a result and be a better human. Be gentle with yourself and also be practical and also realistic! We aren’t aiming for any type of perfection here, merely improvements that will see you be the best version of yourself.

Throughout this process it is always helpful to ask yourself some good questions along the way. So what is a good question? Good questions are always the ones that bring your topic to the point by asking “How can I …”. How questions are solution and action oriented questions that help you improve and grow, and they are very empowering!

To get the most out of the reflection process, you must to be 100% truthful with yourself and the situation at hand. This may be unpleasant or even scary, however without truth nothing much will change and you may find it difficult to let go! Your self-empowerment and success lies with you being truthful with you, yourself, ownership, acknowledgement and then action to change!

Working through the reflection process, will lead you to clarity. You may gain clarity like a lightning bolt out of the blue, or it may take some time. Both are great as it does not matter the form that your clarity takes the key is to get clear! From here you will grow as a person and your own daily performance will improve!

To set yourself up for success we recommended that you reflect on a regular basis. You can choose to reflect daily, weekly, every 3 months, yearly, when a goal is completed or when something comes up for you!

It is important that your environment is set up with no distractions, no interruptions and the space is relaxing so your mind is clear your mind and you can focus.

To help you kick start your reflection, you can purchase our ‘On Reflection’ Tool. Once downloaded you can print off and use when you need to!

written by Jennifer Anderson